Beans just got more interesting

The other day I stopped at a roadside meatball place to grab a bite on my way to buy a few trees. Meatballs, or kofte, are sort of their own food group here, and one thing you can count on is that if a place specialises in grilled kofte, piyaz is probably on the menu too.
I never understood why people got so excited about piyaz because in Istanbul it is basically beans, onions, olive oil and vinegar (at least it was like that every time I ate it up there). Boring. But down here in Antalya, it’s different:

Here in Antalya, piyaz is served swimming in tahini. It is seriously good. So if you have some white beans handy, here’s what you need to do: add some chopped white onion, chopped parsley and tomato if you have it (this being the land of poly tunnels, tomatoes are always served with it but do what you will – I don’t buy tomatoes out of season myself). Then give the mixture a good splash of wine vinegar and olive oil. Drench the whole thing in tahini and top it with a hard boiled egg, salt and pepper. If you ask me, the meatballs become superfluous at this point – all you need to make a meal of this is a hunk of good bread.

Earth Poetry


(Can you spot the sliver of rainbow in there ?)
Poetry month now, Earth Day tomorrow. We can hit them both at once.
Since everyone’s gardens are waking up (at least the Northern hemisphere ones) and so many blogs I read are full of the optimism of Spring and the new growing season, I wanted to share a poem that celebrates organic gardening.

Glorious Guano

When I bathe
I use guano salts
To make my feet
And hands
Sprout green
Leaves cover me
From head to toe
And wrap my body
In smoothy bark
No chemicals
Do touch my skin
And I flower
Like a cherry tree
Pigeon shit elixir
Is best
For a healthy growing plant
Like me

James Wilde (a.k.a. my dad)

Happy month and happy day to all!