>no pictures, but some words

>boo for no pictures! I forgot to bring the camera down the mountain with me so I could upload some photos. Soon, soon! I am going to look into getting a cellular modem so that I can go online from home.
Today is my birthday, and as I woke up, I reflected upon how my routine has changed since moving into the brown house, a little over a week ago. On a weekday, my morning would go like this in Istanbul:
6AM wake up
615 get some breakfast packed up in my bag
645 leave the house
715 get on the bus
820 get off the bus
830 check email and eat breakfast at the office
900 blast off (class time)
Here, it looks like this:
6 AM wake up, wander out for a pee under a tree
615 start tea, sweep the floor
630 start breakfast, get dressed. Ali takes the seeds sown the previous night down to the greenhouse.
645 get Baki into his clothes. Ali tools around in the garden.
700 breakfast
730 walk around with Baki on his bike. Ali works in the greenhouse.
830 wash the breakfast dishes
900 on to the next thing
Now, this new routine is surely not everyone’s bag, but I have to say, I like it!
The biggest difference, of course, is that Baki and I spend a lot more time together. He is a lot of fun, and of course always getting into trouble. I also have a lot more time to cook, so I have been trying out Mark Bittman’s new cookbook, How To Cook Everything Vegetarian, a good choice since we have no fridge, hence no meat.
I am at Sundance Camp now, and Baki is getting into the game cupboard, so I guess it is time for me to blast off!

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