>A day’s work

>We went down to Sundance camp the other night, and on our return, wishing to avoid the debacle of the last time we had come home at night, we decided to take the lower road because it is a better road and we were afraid of getting stuck again. Well, it was dark and long story short we got ourselves into a muddy rut that we could not get out of. We went back the next day and no dice. The day after that, a friend came over and he couldn’t get us out either. Well, this morning, we somehow made it out and hightailed it back up to our own gate. No place like home indeed!

On another, unrelated note, Baki loves his spaghetti wheels about as much as he loves his paint box

But he is also into poster paints, and everyone is invited. It looks pretty messy, and it is:

While Baki washed his cars, I hung his painting out to dry:

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