>we went down to sundance camp for dinner last night, and came home well after dark. we don’t see much wildlife around our place, unless you count scorpions and snakes and the occasional hare and bird of prey. ali had seen a wild boar once, though, and presumably that is one of the animals that the hunters are after (we hear their rifles on the weekends). as we drove up the mountain road, ali suddenly called out, “look!” and i looked out his window just in time to see a wild boar. it was greyish, cumbersome and angular; it looked like a walking rock, really. anyway, no one can say we have a lack of excitement around here!

One thought on “>wildlife

  1. >Real rural life :)- how big was it? What did Baki say afterwards? Ooooh pig!Does anybody else know you’re writing on this blog again? I just told my better half and she had no idea…

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