>why did the chicken cross the road?

>i have never ever understood that joke, and it is not that i have a sophisticated sense of humor. a joke that still makes me laugh (just to illustrate that i will laugh at anything): what is long and brown and sticky? the answer: a stick. the chicken joke, though, is not even bad enough to be funny, just kind of pointless. what really mystified me, though, was why anyone would ask such a question at all?
i think i know!
as we drive down the mountain on our way to school every morning, baki and i pass several houses with a mess of chickens that peck about on either side of the road all day long. almost without fail just as i am driving towards them, one or two of the chickens will run out and cross the road in front of my car. this after they have surely been on the other side of the road for hours, and perfectly happy to be there.
i feel like i have touched the center of one of life’s great mysteries. why indeed? it even seems funny now.

One thought on “>why did the chicken cross the road?

  1. >siobhan,the chicken jokes are much better than those with tomatoes. i can't even tell them here since they require pathetic sound effects. go chickens!t.

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