>how my garden grows

>It may be akin to professing to enjoy watching paint dry, but I think that what I love most about the garden is watching it grow. I see the plants every day, and there are tiny changes. A tree sprouts buds that unfurl into flowers or leaves, and the bare branches are gradually transformed; a central stalk rises above a plant and swells into a flower bud; seeds germinate, sending up brave little seedlings that turn their faces to the sun and grow. It all happens very gradually, but as I walk through the garden and see them all, the incremental changes come together and leave me with an exhiliarating sense of the garden’s relentless march forward. This season is almost frenetic in its activity; after the spring equinox, it was as if someone had flipped a switch and the night time temperatures rose, spurring everything on.
Right now, the days are perfect for working, not too hot or too cold, and although I feel that I am racing against the clock, trying not to miss the planting times, the days are filled with a lovely sense of purpose and accomplishment. I have been so caught up in it all, that Baki’s birthday has crept up on me this year. I am nowhere near finished with his birthday vest, and I am reluctant to leave for Istanbul, for Baki’s annual birthday trip. There are two prices to pay when I leave – one is in lost time in the garden, and the other is in the adjustment that is necessary upon returning. Leaving the garden for any amount of time, particularly in the midst of the growing season, is disorienting because when I return I feel as if I have skipped a chapter of a book I was reading. I don’t know whether to be excited about all that has happened, or sad that I missed it. In the end, it takes me a while to feel like the plants and I are walking in step again.
Ali has just returned from two weeks away, so he is going through this now. I would feel bad leaving so soon after he has returned except that being alone in the garden is so wonderful, and nothing makes me feel closer to it. Perhaps when I return after this trip we’ll be too busy for me to dwell on how long I’ve been away (which admittedly will not be long — I don’t expect to stay for much more than 4 days). We’ll see.

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