>spider hand

Baki saw some baby ducks at the market in Kumluca one day, and ever since then he has been slightly obsessed with having ducks. He’s seen ducks at Sundance Camp — he chases them everywhere, so it can’t be described as a friendly relationship, exactly. While we were in Istanbul, he dropped it, naturally, since there were a million other things going on, but the minute our plane landed in Antalya, he started up again. I told him to ask his daddy, so while we walked to the truck, the two of them had an animated conversation about the pros and cons of having ducks. And when we got to the truck, what should we find in the back but … a box with two ducklings! Baki naturally spent most of the drive home with one hand in the box, or else his nose. He named them, in honor of “The Dumb Bunnies Go To the Zoo”, Pee Pee and Wee Wee (I think it might be a good idea to stop letting him name the animals..)
We don’t talk about the chicks in the video because they didn’t make it through the first night — too cold…

One thought on “>spider hand

  1. >this video is hilarious. are you sure it wasn't the scary spider hand that made the hearts of the poor chicks collapse?i have just noticed that you are using capitals on this blog 🙂 missing you all,t.

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