>Leaping lizard

At Kemer, there is a Ramazan fair for the kids. It opens, naturally, after dark, and there are four attractions: bumper cars, a sedate sort of train ride, a merry go round, and a trampoline.Baki had been dying to go, so last night we went on an after dark shopping/fair expedition. Baki had a lot of energy to burn off because my mom had sent him these vile kool-aid fizzy lemonade tablets that were unbelievably sugary, considering their size. So he howled with joy at the bumper cars (I was behind the wheel, and I have to admit that although I tried to avoid being hit, which is probably besides the point, I enjoyed it too), and even enjoyed the more mellow pleasures of the train ride. We both went on the merry go round, and it was beautiful. The lights above us, the tinkling music, and me on my horse going up and down, looking over my shoulder at Baki in his carriage as we spun around and around. It was, for me, a reminder of the magic of childhood. And then Baki went nuts on the trampoline. We left about an hour later, balloon in tow, and Baki promptly fell asleep in the car.

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