quittin’ time


The weather is not very cold, but it is rainy and that makes it the perfect weather for curling up with a book indoors. Up until a couple of weeks ago, though, we had a long dry spell with lovely cool weather and we did a lot of digging. I was getting old vegetable beds cleaned up, dug manure into them, and seeded them with green manure, a mix of grasses and legumes that we’ll dig in a few months from now to add some organic matter to the soil. I did this last year on some of the beds and there is a real difference in the soil texture.
Between making breakfast and lunch, cleaning up the house, getting Baki ready for school and taking him there, I usually did not make it into the garden until around 2:30 (Baki goes to school at 12), and I only had about two hours before the sky started to deepen. We have the mountains to the west, so we do not get sunsets, but we can see the big mountain change from grey to orange to pink, signaling that soon it will be time to lay down our tools. If there is a fire going in the house, and there is smoke coming out of the chimney, it is particularly inviting.

This is the hour when the chickens wander back into their coops, and as we close the doors behind them, I watch the sky change, and stop to enjoy the silhouettes of the trees against the glowing clouds. It is such a nice feeling to enjoy the day as it winds down. Of course, then I head into the kitchen to make dinner, and then Baki needs a bedtime story and the house needs to be set straight so we don’t wake up in a chaotic mess, so it is late and fully dark by the time I get to bed, but the day at least begins to end with the change in the sky.

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