Non-electric appliances that I love #2


Sandwich press

Around here, grilled cheese sandwiches are more or less a staple come lunch time. Luckily, tost, the grilled sandwich, is a mighty presence in the culinary lexicon of Turkey, so there exists this magnificent little device- the stove-top sandwich press.
Ali and Baki are most fond of the classic karisik (mixed) tost, consisting of sucuk sausage and cheese. I, on the other hand, am purely a grilled cheese and tomato girl.

2 thoughts on “Non-electric appliances that I love #2

  1. judy

    This stove top sandwich maker looks like an amazing handy tool. I just found your blog today and Im thrilled. I am curious if you have always lived in Turkey? I am in Missouri, USA . I was born in Texas. I have been married for 28 years we love to garden and I seen your post in Lehmans on Facebook. Brightest Blessings….Judy

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words and welcome to the blog! I have not always lived here in Turkey, actually. My parents moved here in 1992 (my dad was a journalist) and I spent year here with them. I didn’t move here to stay until 2002, though, and married that year.
      I love my stove top toast machine and I will feature some other appliances soon. Hope you’ll stop by again!

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