Shameless hussy


Some girls just don’t know when to quit. This iris was a gift, in the form of a rhizome, from my mother. It did very little last year, but seems to be making up for lost time. I want to say, “relax, we loved you even when you didn’t flower.”
Meanwhile, with one week left until my due date, I’ve come to see the virtues of slowing down. I’d been a bit concerned because my whole body was so creaky every night. How can I give birth, I thought, when everything aches so much? Then yesterday I had no gumption whatsoever, so I took it easy and even got some knitting done; I finished a pair of leggings for the baby that I’d started months ago:

Last night, I was amazed to discover that my body ached not one bit, and I woke up feeling wonderfully rested this morning. So, with apologies to the vegetables and the flowers, I think I will let the weeds have their way with the garden for the next few days.

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