More than one person has asked me if it was love at first sight when Kaya was born. I’d have to say that it wasn’t. I think my first reaction was relief, to be honest, followed by various forms of disbelief: although I’ve done this once before, it is the hardest thing in the world for me to believe that an actual human can come out of my body. There was the weeklong physical train wreck period and there was also a period of complete emotional chaos, where Kaya was the calm eye of the storm and I was flapping around him.

We wake with the sun now, so that we can water the garden before the heat of the day. Once I’m sure Kaya has had his fill of milk, I wrap my sling around myself, slip him in, and we’re off. This is the time of day when I have it all: Kaya is with me, Baki is sleeping, Ali is watering as well. I sometimes listen to podcasts as I work, and I see all of the plants, one at a time. I looked down this morning, as I have so often over the past few weeks since we’ve started watering every morning, and I sighed. It might not have happened the instant we met, but there’s no denying that I’m besotted now.

4 thoughts on “Besotted

  1. nina

    he is such a cutie! this expression in their first months is just something to inhale. it will be over so soon….enjoy!!!

    1. So true, Nina! I think the best thing about doing this all for the second time is that I know how fast it all goes by- the good and the bad. I just have to remember that when he’s teething…

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  2. Schnabel

    The teething is really the worst. anna is 18 months now and still teething and teething. Once a tooth is out and the horrible nights are over, the next one shows up already….but still when i looked at kayas picture i was thinking about a 4th kid. Best regards Nina

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