What’s growing

A friend asked me on the phone what we’re eating from the garden lately, so I was moved to take few snaps while I was out weeding and manuring yesterday.
One of the most productive beds at the moment is this keyhole bed with salad material on one side and then brassicas (mostly bok choy with some nascent broccoli) interspersed with peas:

There’s a fennel plant that has overwintered and is sending up nice fat bulbs, seen here with some savoy cabbages that are sloowly heading (there’s some arugula in there too)

And this is a new favorite of mine, and a great fan of the cooler months, “confetti” coriander. It actually dares pretty well in warmer weather too. Isn’t it unusual looking?

Sadly, not everyone thrives in winter; our ground cherry is a shadow of its former self, and will need to be cut way back:

As you can see, the sunny weather did not hold. Still, the days have not been without their cozy moments:

Now it’s off to market day in Kemer; we’re celebrating the new year again tonight, with Jai, the vegetarian new year specialty, and other treats. Details will follow!

5 thoughts on “What’s growing

  1. Good to see things growing, even if far away. It means that it won’t be that long before we’ll all be reporting the same. Of course, my reports will not end with a photo of anything nearly as adorable as your Li’l One.

  2. Your gardens are growing beautifully, I love this confetti coriander i am going to see if i can find it. I agree with John, that photo of baby asleep is charming.. c

    1. I wholeheartedly endorse Confetti- it’s a tasty little plant. I’ve got seeds to spare, I’m pretty sure…
      I don’t know what it is about sleeping children that makes them so perfect. Silence? Low maintenance? Or is there actually something that happens to a sleeping face that makes it angelic? Because most people look sweet when they’re sleeping (unless they happen to drool or sleep with their mouths open or even both, which I think I do).

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