A cathedral in my garden

Or at least that’s what it felt like when Ali and I finished the trellis we put up in the pea bed.
I had seen a photo of a similar trellises in an email from Kinsman garden supplies about twine and it got me all excited. Loads of time went by and the trellis was a perennial to-do list resident, but yesterday we finally did it. Ali pounded our giant rusty nail deep into the ground and pulled it out, leaving a perfect sized hole for me to drive in the stakes. Then I got busy with the twine, and all told in about an hour victory was ours.
And I do feel utterly victorious. This is because I set the bar very low, and I’ll tell you something, I think that’s the secret to my personal happiness. The less I expect, the more gratified I am.
So when I crossed “pea trellis” off the list, it was with tremendous satisfaction.
Which brings me to the list itself. I always write lists for absolutely everything, but gardening has made me consider very carefully how I phrase my list items. “Water” or “weed” for example, are terrible candidates because they are never-ending jobs. “Dig corn bed,” on the other hand, is a tidy, achievable little task (that I crossed off the list over the weekend). Again, aiming low.
So this is how I am sailing through Spring, celebrating every tiny achievement and setting new, low hurdles for the days to come.
Here’s a closer view of my grand architectural achievement, with it’s neat rows of peas (very sorry pea roots, we won’t be so late next time) and a random scattering of spinach and carrots (the chickens got in and kicked things up a bit). I’ll put some cucumbers in the bed later in the season.

May your day be full of little victories!

13 thoughts on “A cathedral in my garden

  1. Isn’t it great when you decide to do little improvements around the house and they turn into a huge success. Your trellis looks amazing. Congrats on a job well done. xx

  2. your trellis is awesome! Now I want one too, as soon as the winds die down. I also agree about lists, weed is hopeless and weeding is never ending. i wirte weed three buckets full of weeds for the chooks, Ok i can do that! not today tho as it is a gale out there today.. Big Bendy Tree.. c

    1. The trellis might be tied with string, but I think it will stand up to inclement weather since we drove the stakes in pretty deep. Plus, all those cross supports- i could feel the while structure getting more solid with every piece of string I added. We will see in the fall when we get our howling winds! I just have to say, too, that I love the word chooks.

  3. Love how your trellis look. Yes, reminds me of a cathedral. I too tend to do small tasks one at a time, makes me feel I have accomplished something. If I still have time and energy left, I will do a bit of weeding (that is never on my to-do list).

  4. Beautiful! I tried this trellising for the first time this year too… too bad I didn’t notice that my peas were the BUSH type! Not to be deterred, I will be putting my pole beans onto them next. 😉
    Thanks for visiting me today!
    ~ Lynda

    1. Ha! I always have that problem with to tomatoes- I try to keep seedlings labeled, but always end up with staked determinate or stakeless indeterminate tomatoes. Never mind! Thanks for returning my visit- I look forward to reading more from you.

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