Quick trip to the garden

On my way up to the garden yesterday, I had just crossed the (now dry) river bed when I ran into traffic:


I didn’t have time to do much in the garden, just a little watering, harvesting lettuce (which at this point we have to eat as fast as we can before it all bolts. I think I have to be much more strategic about how much and how often I plant next year), admired foliage:


(That’s a bottle brush tree, a wintersweet shrub, and a Russian olive L to R)

…. and counted a few frogs.


Can you see any?


12 thoughts on “Quick trip to the garden

  1. Don’t you hate it when you get traffic.. amazing that the river bed is dry, i am sure you posted a shot of it flooding not too long ago.. or was it a long time ago.. i have no sense of time sometimes! c

  2. The scenery in that first photo is lovely, I picture myself with a picnic basket and a good book. Are those your goats? I could not find the frogs, tried hard but the eye sight is not what it used to be.

    1. That’s a nice thought- a picnic basket improves any view. Those goats belong to our neighbors. They’ll move up the mountain to the summer pastures soon, but at other times of the year they graze the goats in our neighborhood. I’m in the process of being convinced that we ought to get a goat of our own, though. Only if we can keep her out of the garden!

      a.k.a. Garden Correspondent http://www.gardencorrespondent.com

    1. Welcome! The feeling is mutual — sometimes I feel like finding a good blog is like finding a good book, only better because it keeps on going. I look forward to catching up with your old posts and reading what is to come.

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