Things I missed

These are some of the things I miss when I am not in NY

Bacon, bookstores, Chinese food, bagels, seeing old friends, walking through favorite museums, speaking English to strangers, turning the pages of the New York Times.

These are some of the things I miss when I am not in the garden:

The smell of the air, clean water with no chlorine, fresh eggs from our hens, Ali, sleeping in darkness, seeing moonlight, hearing owls and the buzz of the bee, catching a whiff of flowers as I walk, getting my hands dirty… in dirt, composting, watching my garden grow.

We had a great time in NY, but it’s nice to be home.

9 thoughts on “Things I missed

  1. If only New York and Antalya were a quick train ride away!

    I can imagine that missing bacon is really difficult. Actually, I can’t really imagine missing bacon. I just had bacon this morning 😉

    But reading your list made me think of all the things about New York that I missed when I lived in Paris: I missed spicy food, relatively inexpensive food, tacos, coffee in big mugs, speaking English with strangers too. I also missed the Met. When I was a little kid, from the age of 9 my parents would just drop me off at the Met and come get me me when the museum closed. I think that this would now be called child abuse, or at least child neglect, but back then, it was called free babysitting!

    From all those years of being dropped off at the museum, I had my little nooks that were my favorite. The Damascus Room was one of them. I was so happy when they reopened it this year. It was closed for too long!

    And my other favorites are: Astor Court (the Chinese garden), those insanely weird wood carving from Melanesia and Papua New Guinea, the French period rooms, and the South Asian wing. I always leave a sweet for Ganesha.

    1. Nice! I had to rush a bit in the Met this time around because Kaya got a bit ornery (but he loved the Damascus room and was happy in the presence of any and all sculpture) but what is so amazing about that museum is that wherever you are, you’re in the presence of something amazing. I was dashing from the Islamic art galleries to the Byzantine art show and in between somehow found myself the recipient of a beneficent Archaic smile in a room marked Classical Cyprus. It stopped me in my tracks! Oh and I’d like to get on that train from Antalya to NY and have a bowl of spicy tofu from Xian Famous Foods right now.

  2. Nina

    I think the two Places are the Yin and the Yang and could Not be more Opposite. Hos geldiniz antalyaya….

  3. Welcome home! You will always be able to visit New York, to get your “fix” of the big city. Your garden, your hearth, your home know you’ll be back and will be waiting for you.

  4. It is a dichotomy and I understand your longing when visiting between the two worlds. I feel it myself when thinking of where I come from and where I am now. I love both places, but you cannot live in both at once. ~ Lynda

  5. I find it had to drink water with chlorine once you are used to well water. I know you enjoyed your visit but I’m sure you enjoyed getting home as well.

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