Happy Banana

There is a special thrill, isn’t there, in growing something yourself? What is sweeter than that hard earned carrot or the strawberry that you hunt down yourself, peeking under leaves on your hands and knees? I am still suffused with pleasure when I can walk back from the garden with an armful of lettuce (and I am looking forward to lettuce weather — I don’t bother with it in the heat of the summer).

I admit that I take some of the garden workhorses a bit for granted; radishes, with their dogged reliability are like loyal friends that are all too easy to under-appreciate, and even home-grown tomatoes can begin to taste simply good and normal by the end of the summer (until you end up face to face with a supermarket tomato, that is).

Some things, though, dazzle us just by making an appearance.

In all likelihood, we will probably never be able to eat these three bananas, but it is so thrilling to see fruit on the tree that it hardly matters. (And I like the way the canna nearby makes it look like a tropical garden… if you squint a bit and use your imagination…)

This banana tree is located at the outlet of one of our drainpipes, so it gets plenty of grey water throughout the year. And every winter it dies way back only to re-emerge late in the spring. I saw lots of banana trees groaning under the weight of their fruits growing up, but this meager bunch has us beaming with pride. Good old banana tree.