My father took it almost personally when it turned out that I was not so great at taking photographs, and this in turn made me not want to take them so much. Then one day I decided that I would just take snapshots and not worry so much about it, and just like that I started to enjoy taking pictures a whole lot more.

Now, it has been ages since I wrote a post, so I thought I would share some snapshots to shake off that burdensome accumulation of things I ought to have been sharing over the past couple of weeks.

Ali and I were driving out to the garden from the city and we ended up behind a truck carrying a huge rock:

ImageWhere were they taking it? What on Earth would they do with it? How would they move it? I’ll just have to be content now knowing.

We stopped at Sundance and Kaya was delighted to see this excavator (wheel loader? I ought to know these things because I read a lot of picture books about vehicles…)


The following day, we drove in to Kumluca to get a wood stove for my mom’s room. Ali knew about a place where we could buy one from a truck on the side of the road, and lo and behold there was one, with a wooden staircase leading up into the back of the truck and chimney pipes hanging everywhere. (I know, where was my camera then, right?) On the way back, we passed the graveyard, which has this amazing gate with a pair of giant, praying hands above it:


In garden news, I have started harvesting the first of the bok choy, although as you can see some other garden inhabitants got to it first. The cabbage whites are still at large, and I patrol all of the brassicas regularly.


The broad beans that I planted a month ago or so are coming up in neat, optimistic rows:


And although I always complain that we do not get much fall color since we live in an evergreen forest (Boo Hoo…), the pomegranate orchards out by us are ablaze with bright yellow foliage and the odd split pomegranate burning deep red here and there.


Whew! That feels better. Now I can get back to writing on a regular basis. Thanks for stopping by.

13 thoughts on “Snapshots

  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I know how it feels to to fall out of the groove of regularly blogging when life gets in the way. Here’s to more posts more often in the the coming year!

    (and that boulder is whack!)

  2. Lovely photos. You are going to be getting a great broadbean harvest. Is that a lone Swiss chard in the upper right hand corner of the broadbean patch? Bok choy is beautiful.

  3. That is a big rock! I’m glad you got over your father’s disappointment. Dad’s can do a number on us, can’t they? 😉 I have really enjoyed this post because we are gardening and growing the same crops together! My bok choy are in my hoop houses to protect them from the freezing nights, but they are growing well! The broad beans are out in the cold and they are doing even better. Fun! ~Lynda

  4. I know that our climates are vastly different but seeing your broad beans and bok choy growing now, in December, really underscores the point. When my nephew was a little boy, I gave him recordings of trucks and construction workers. He would sit in front of the TV watching those tapes for hours on end. It’s universal. Little boys love their trucks!

    1. It’s one of the things I really enjoy about reading people’s blogs- it can be so easy to forget that weather is different in other places, but not when you see daily evidence of it!

  5. I had to laugh at childrens books being your main source of info about diggers and trucks, you probably know them off by heart too! great shots, i am deeply envious of that rock though.. c

  6. I love “snapshots”, some of my favourites are exactly those, the kind you snap wandering around a city or as you did on a journey. oh and your bok/pak choy is looking great, mine are piddling little things!

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