On to the next thing — Cephalopodmas!

We survived the End of Days, and we’re getting past the longest night, so it’s time to celebrate… cephalopod style!


I have a mild obsession with giant squids, which is how I stumbled upon a reference to Cephalopodmas. Yes, there is a holiday to celebrate squids, octopi, and their bretheren, and it’s tomorrow, on December 22. We will be celebrating with salt baked squid, a Chinese recipe that uses its innocent sounding name to mask the fact that the squid is, in fact, shallow-fried. (It’s a new recipe, so I won’t post it until I try it, but I have high hopes.)

I hope you will wiggle your arms tomorrow, or drop an ink spot on something, or even just spare a thought for our squishy friends in the deep.

Merry Cephalopodmas, everyone!

13 thoughts on “On to the next thing — Cephalopodmas!

  1. If you google something long enough, you’ll discover that virtually everything has its own day, week, of month. Why shouldn’t squid? My celebration will be delayed 2 days. I’m celebrating on Christmas Eve and the Guests of Honor will be served in a salad. Have a wonderful Cephalopodmas! 🙂

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