Still here…

ImageI haven’t been writing much lately, and I couldn’t put my finger on why. Then after a recent, very quick trip to the garden I noticed that I felt different. I felt lighter, more relaxed, as though something had come untangled inside me. I think I have not been writing as much lately because I haven’t been in the garden as much lately. It might not be what I write about all the time, but the garden is the place where my ideas take root. I narrate these posts as I weed, haul manure, feed chickens and sow seeds. And then with any luck I get around to actually typing them.

Anyway, soon I will be back in the garden with my hands in the dirt where they belong. Ali is laying down drip irrigation hose in the vegetable beds to replace the sprinklers that we used last summer — those we will use under our new fruit trees in the new orchard. The sprinklers dripped rather than sprinkled, but we thought that it might be more effective in the veg beds to have the water dispersed better. It’s very exciting. We are even fantasizing about laying down some rotting manure and trying to direct sow tomatoes under cloches. We’ll see.

And I am very excited to celebrate the lunar new year this Sunday. Happy year of the snake, everyone! I am planning a few meals that will feature not only the dishes that I grew up celebrating the new year with, but also a few things that I learned to love during my years in China. My next post (notice that I do not say when I will write it — no more false promises!) will feature a recipe that my mom found, written in her elder sister’s handwriting, while looking for another recipe (7 layer pudding — she’ll be making it at my cousin’s house this weekend). Those recipes are, like old photos, some of our greatest family treasures.

It’s raining hard outside, and so windy that the rain is practically sideways. It makes me wonder what state our road is in up in the mountains, and whether the river has swallowed it. And I hope that all you folks on the East coast weather your storm alright.

More from me soon.


8 thoughts on “Still here…

  1. hey siobhan – sun neen fai lok! anyway, is that that tong goe you’ll be making? i have been trying to make that layered thing for years, but i can’t get the layers to stay separated. They all run in the center. if you get it figured out, please share your secret! Tong goe, and jye, are the cornerstones of our youth, don’t you think?

  2. Oh you have rain too, i remember your shots from last year of the road being swallowed by by the little (usually) river, happy year of the snake, don’t worry when ever you pop in we will be here! c

    1. Luckily this year we have not lost our road as much, although at the same time that always makes me wonder if there will be enough groundwater to get us through a long hot summer.
      Readers like you are just like that — reserves of sweet water for dry spells.

  3. Installing a drip hose is a great idea! It’s a much more efficient method of watering. Although I’m sure the rain is welcome, I hope it’s not coming down so hard that it’s causing damage. And I agree with Celi. We’ll be here whenever you are. 🙂

    1. It’s so good to hear. You guys are the bees knees. No damage done by the rain so far, though one year the wind blew the roof off one of our chicken coops and gave the girls quite a fright. I think we are past that now, though — milder days ahead.

  4. Was just thinking of you 2 days ago, and wondering if the move (and life) was just taking all your energy…and if things were going well.
    Good to see your posts, no matter how far apart!

  5. Isn’t it amazing how much our environment can affect our creative output? I am always amazed how susceptible my moods are on my surroundings. Happy to hear that you are back in the garden.

    And a very happy Chinese New Year to you too, Siobhan! I was just thinking about you over the holiday weekend! I hope that you ate wonderful things and had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and Day!

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