Bye bye, baby

A couple of days ago, Kaya woke early, at about 6. I had things to do, so I carried him on my back in the baby carrier while I did some chores and got breakfast together. He fell back asleep, lulled by the constant movement and by being so close (he’s going through a clingy phase lately). I put him back down on the bed and he slept until close to 9, which is probably unprecedented.
Baki woke at around 8, rubbing his eyes, and my mom came up the hill shortly afterwards. She couldn’t believe how quiet it was – she had even heard the sound her phone makes when she took a photo on her way up. “Kaya must be the noisy one,” she said.
Today, we all got in the car and took my mom and Baki to the airport; Baki is going to day camp in New York for a month, and he’s staying with Grandma. We had to get up early to make it on time, but the boys were still thrilled to be at the airport – all of those big, flat spaces just call out to them, “Run amok on our smooth even surfaces!” Luckily, they also found time for staying still.

It wasn’t long before it was time to go and Ali, Kaya and I stood at the bottom of the escalator watching them go up. Ali and I smiled widely and waved, even as we silently wondered what on earth we were thinking. And Kaya called out to Baki, disliking the fact that he was not following him, as he so enjoys.

We came straight back to the garden and busied ourselves with watering, playing with Kaya, and all the usual daily business. But I kept stopping and noticing how very quiet it was. Kaya, although he spent a fair amount of time calling for Baki today, is not the noisy one at all. It’s the combination of the two of them, like baking soda and vinegar, that creates their wild froth of laughter, bargaining, bickering and wailing.
Happy trails, Baki – we miss you!

22 thoughts on “Bye bye, baby

  1. I love the second photograph. It perfectly expresses the poignancy of letting go, and his excitement to be going with Grandma on a big adventure!

  2. Hello Siobhan and Ali! Boy, Baki sure has grown up a bunch! Almost as tall as Onk. Reminds me of my students, who, after a two month summer vacation, would return to school, a bit taller, and more like a young man or woman! Things must be changing for you rapidly! Things are changing rapidly here too. Today is Martha’s last day at work. It’s sort of bitter for her (and me). She’s sad to leave her work, and the the catalog that she has created and nursed all these years for the archive. Now she has to leave it all in the hands of others. But, we’ll forge something new here at 1413 Quintero!

  3. Wow…the look on Baki’s face is so grown up… “No big deal, Mom. See you in the fall!” It’s got to be tough on Kaya not having him around, though…
    (Nothing cuter than a tiny mop-headed boy in a Ramones t-shirt! πŸ˜€ )

    1. I am always amazed at how Baki seems to take everything in stride. I think he just sees everything as an adventure. (And I’m so glad you noticed Kaya’s shirt – it’s a great favorite of mine!)

  4. What an adventure for Baki! He’ll get a chance to spread his wings a bit. It will be good for Kaya, too, as he gets to be a little independent, for a change. And you get a little one-on-one time with Kaya. This will be quite a Summer for you all. πŸ™‚

  5. Does your mom live in NYC or another part of New York? Wonderful that Baki has the opportunity to spend time with grandma in New York, he is going to have a grand time and Kaya will miss him but I am sure he will enjoy the alone time with Mom and Dad.

  6. it i such a hard thing to do, letting our kids get out from around us and explore the world but the homecoming is always wonderful.. have a lovely day in your garden.. c

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