Pizza Friday on Saturday

A few things happened last week that led to a procession of pizzas coming out if our kitchen at lunch time today. First, Celi at the Kitchen’s Garden proposed a Pizza Friday (which she has since posted , with photography tips to boot) and that got me thinking that I ought to make that potato pizza that my mom has been wanting. Then I read another post, this time over at Rachel Eats, about Pizza Bianca, with a recipe that I was instantly dying to try.
Which is how I ended up pulling pizza after pizza out of the oven today. We started with the Pizza Bianca because I was curious to see how the dough, which had risen straight out if its bowl in the fridge, would bake.

Then I had to make the requisite pizza with sucuk for Baki.

And my long suffering mother’s potato pizza. We did half potato and half mushroom. It looked pretty going into the oven:

(Those are the last four potatoes from the garden on there, including one lonely blue one.)
And it looked nice on the table:

(That’s my sophisticated pizza cutter off to the side.)
But in the end we ate a little too much pizza and we all dropped into pizza comas. One good thing about too many pizzas, though, is pizza for breakfast!