Second chance

Happy Year of the Horse! Although I am not cooking a banquet to celebrate the new year, or really doing anything at all right now (although I do have a duck defrosting in the fridge..), I feel grateful to have this second shot at starting the year.
January slipped by almost unnoticed. For more than two weeks after our trip I was in a sort of sleepy and extremely lazy haze. It was jet lag at first, I guess, and then the boys and I fought off the flu while we were in Istanbul for the weekend.

Not that any of this seemed to slow them down at all. So who knows, maybe it was all just me stuck in a fit of indolence. Whatever the case, the fog lifted a week ago and I am once again feeling equal to the tasks of the day. It’s good to be back!
So for now, I simply want to wish all and sundry a happy and healthy year. I look forward to sharing our adventures.

10 thoughts on “Second chance

    1. We are all full steam ahead again! We didn’t fare so badly – the thing that was going around was nasty and we seemed to escape the worst of it. Thanks so much and happy new year!

    1. It was more of an undertow than a full blown flu, thank goodness. This winter our secret weapon is… garlic mayonnaise! I finally got the knack of making it, so it’s garlic mayo on everything! I’m convinced it’s what has kept us on our feet.

  1. Happy New Year to you, too!
    Love the Idea of starting over again – hope all is well now. The boys are getting so big…where’s that diaper-clad cherub with the black, shiny curls? He can’t be driving all ready! 😉

    1. Ha ha! They are growing fast and growing into each other, too, thankfully. We have the occasional peaceful play time with no fighting over toys or invading each other’s space.
      I made that snow and Kaya loved it, but dumped a huge glass of water in it before I got to show Baki. I’ll clear the decks a little better next time …!

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