>the houselet


Originally uploaded by beansprout3

this is the house that we will be moving into shortly. we used to call it the shack, but it is not really a shack. i described it to zeynep and she hit the nail on the head by calling it a houselet. behold, the houselet! baki and i are heading down there this weekend. i will be leaving baki there with ali and ogun while i go to new york. the prospect fills me with dread, but at least baki will be running around in what will soon be our garden. i will post more pictures to give an idea of what the place looks like, and there will be more pictures after this next trip. to give you an idea of the scale inside the house, that long window in the back is the bathroom window, so the actual living space in the house is quite small. there is a sleeping loft above the bathroom and another over the door. when i took this, ali and ogun were living in a tent in the house, but that is down now, and the wood stove is working so they are sleeping in the lofts. and last i heard there were even foam mattresses up there! i just sent some sheets and blankets down — they should get there shortly before baki, me and the cat.

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