>i just got back from five days down at the house. it was amazing. one of my favorite things was our evening routine. as part of ali’s campaign of antagonism against the “weed trees”, ogun built a bonfire over one of the clumps of stump and fed it with scraps from the day’s construction. meanwhile, ali lit the stove inside the house and hung up the kerosene lamp. baki pranced back and forth between the wood pile and the fire, tossing bits in. i would get dinner ready. after dinner, when it was completely dark, we went out and looked at the stars. then, we sat around the table, baki doing his puzzle, and the rest of us just hanging out until we went to bed, which happened really early. last night i was fast asleep by 830. of course, we wake up early too.
during the day, everyone had their work to do, so we were all busy. it was a nice feeling, to be going through the chores, taking time to play with baki, and having time to cook. we have no water in the house yet, so the first time i did the dishes and the laundry i had to walk to the water source, but by the second day we had water three meters away from the house. the water pipe is down hill from us, so the water pressure just peters out about two meters below the level of our house. it is really frustrating in a sense, but hey — i was able to wash the dishes within sight of the house, which was a great improvement over a 10 minute walk away, some of it uphill. ali goes to the source to get our drinking water, but for washing we can use the pipe. in the afternoon, the water is warm, since the pipes are black and lying in full sun on the hillside, so there is the possibility of a little al fresco bathing, but that is something i will have to leave to the men to try, as i am on my way to ny tomorrow.
yes, for the first time ever ever ever, i have separated from baki. he is down at the house with ali and ogun. it is not something i like to think too much about.

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