Look up (but not yet)!

It’s one of my favorite holidays today — Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. Tonight  On September 30,  the night of the 15th day of the 9th month on the Chinese lunar calendar, is the moon’s brightest night. Take a look and see!
Traditionally, people hold moon viewing parties, and we will have ours when we are back out in the garden. You are supposed to eat mooncakes, but we don’t have any this year, and I am not ambitious enough to try and make them (and I haven’t got any lard, that essential element in so many Chinese sweets — don tat come to mind).
Still, no matter where you are, grab a mooncake if you can, or even just a cup of tea and turn your face heavenward for a moment if you can find the time!

(I wrote this thinking that MOon FEstival was Sept. 19, but I was a year ahead of myself — it’s on September 19 in 2013!)

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