Somebody quarantine us…

I’m not even sure I should be writing about this because it really makes us look like we’re living like animals. At any rate, don’t eat while reading on…

Last night, Baki told me there was something weird in his poop. Now, Kaya eats all kinds of stuff that you shouldn’t eat (handfuls if sand, watermelon seeds, paper) so I’ve seen some stuff in his diaper. But Baki said that what he saw was alive. That pretty much stopped me in my tracks. He had flushed, so I didn’t get to see it (what a pity), but I made an appointment to see the doctor this morning. After chatting with Baki for a while, he confirmed my suspicion – Baki has worms, and it’s likely we do, too.

So we’re all going to be dewormed. It’s demoralizing, especially coming as it does on the heels of the lice episode. To make matters worse, look at the graphic design on the medicine box:


You know, in case you forgot why you were taking it.

17 thoughts on “Somebody quarantine us…

  1. Aw, Honey! I feel for you…
    I felt that way when my girls got lice (the first time)…”But we’re CLEAN! How can this happen?” Once I realized that it was common in the place where we lived, it was easier to get my head around…but it was still gross, right?
    Hang in there!

  2. My mother wormed us every year when we were kids, I would like to start doing it again now that i am living on a farm, but i have no idea how to get the stuff here.Noone has heard of such a thing. It is just a precaution. We worm our dogs why not ourselves.. let me know how it goes and if you or your mum have any idea what i should get out here in the states let me know.. i am with ya!! c

      1. The stuff that we are using is generically known as pyrantel pamoate/pyrantel embonate. You take it once and then again a week later. Of course, it will be a while before I know if it works! Thanks for the support — it’s nice to hear friendly voices at a time like this! Sorry to give you the creeps, though…

      2. It is pretty hard to creep me out.. I think you are the same.. but it is something that we need to be aware of with sheep.. c

  3. You are cracking me up! I am sure we all had one or more maladies of the gross out kind when growing up . Having taught in public school I have seen and heard it all! I do recall when I was a child that ringworm and empetigo were everywhere and ugly to get rid of. Back then they put on greasy looking yellow goo for the ringworm and shaved your head if it was on your scalp. A vivid, deep blue medicine called Gentian Violet was used for the empetigo, and generally that was always found on your face… Yup, growing up is an adventure in xoonoses, and skin maladies.
    PS: I had a very good friend once tell me that the shame was not in getting the (fill in the blank). The shame was in keeping it.

  4. Parasites and the like are all around us. The important thing is that you found them and are dealing with it. That graphic though …

  5. Schnabel

    Siobhan dont worry even here in civilised Hamburg kids have worms over and over again. They are totally harmless, just yucky. Freshly squezzed carrot juice in the morning (before eating anything) will be a wonderful cure!

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