Warm wishes

I’ve been reading lots of shivery cold blog posts lately. There are snow drifts in them! We don’t ever see snow in our garden (although there is snow just 100 meters higher than us in the dead of winter) and I sometimes wish we were somewhere with a “real winter.” But then the week in January when the pipes freeze rolls around and effectively cures me of the notion.

We aren’t very high up – maybe 500 meters above sea level. But between our elevation and the proximity it brings to the snowy mountains above, the weather in the garden is quite different from that at sea level.

I noticed at Sundance, for example, that their peach tree was in full bloom yesterday, whereas ours is still fast asleep. (Not so the plum pictured above, or the almonds.)

Which is to say that even if you are digging your car out from under the snow right now, Spring is on its way and nothing can stop it. Think warm thoughts, guys, and know that I’m sending them.